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“I’ve been here before. Every feeling, every word. I’ve imagined it all. You never know if you never try…” Tales of artistry, creativity, and empathy cover a lot of ground in these memorable shorts. Owen Klatte’s remarkable Of Wood (US 2022, 7 min) is a stop-motion tribute to the history of wood, his chosen animation medium. Anna J. Takayama’s The Voice Actress (Japan 2022, 15 min) reveals the rigors of anime auditioning for an older actor in a younger person’s landscape. April Moreau’s funny and searing Hysterical (US 2022, 15 min) chronicles a stand-up comic’s journey as she steels herself to perform while dealing with a personal trauma. Desirée Abeyta’s Anne (US 2021, 10 min) examines casting for an important role and how lessons from history can speak to new generations today. A writer must explore the dangers of self-expression under a totalitarian regime in Hamid Mohammadi’s stop-motion The Past (Iran 2021, 7 min). And in Callie Bloem and Christopher J. Ewing’s clever Written By (US 2021, 15 min), fictional characters have some startling real-world epiphanies. A broad variety of storytelling modes brings laughs and keen insights in this collection. —Sterling Hedgpeth



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