Total program 68 min

“Filling up my heart with golden stories…. Who adds some spice to the rhythm of life?” Bay Area filmmakers present true-life tales of extraordinary individuals in this program. In Chloë Fitzmaurice’s For the Bees (US 2021, 16 min), Yemeni refugee Kahled pursues beekeeping in Oakland. Perry Gershkow’s The Baker (US 2021, 9 min) introduces Matthew Jones, a renowned San Francisco baker who crafts artisanal breads while wrestling with obstacles wrought by the pandemic. Under looming threat of closure, and with phantoms of the past and future bleeding into the present, the caretakers of San Francisco’s historic queer bars carry on in Drew de Pinto’s Last Call (US 2021, 4 min). In Gabriel Diamond’s Strangers In Boxes (US 2021, 6 min), activists from more than 15 countries—all strangers—meet online during COVID, connecting with each other in surprisingly profound ways. In Subei Kyle’s short RAMINI (US 2022, 12 min), we experience the day-to-day life of a water buffalo farm in Tomales Bay. Sculptor Dana King’s hands and activist Fredrika Newton’s memories come together to build a new monument—a bust of Black Panther Party leader Huey P. Newton—in A.K. Sandhu’s For Love and Legacy (US 2022, 20 min). —Kelly Clement



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