Total program 91 min

This year’s collection of peer-reviewed, youth-produced short films showcases an international cohort of storytellers working in animation, documentary, comedy, horror, and drama. It’s an inspiring display of emerging young talent from as close to home as Mill Valley and San Rafael, and as far afield as Indonesia, China, Germany, and Korea.

In English and various languages with English subtitles

Age 11+

A Stellar Vacation! 
Noah Shin | US 2022 | 5 min
An overworked asteroid seeks an escape from his daily grind, but his holiday plans may have some unexpected global consequences.  

A Date with Kino Redfield
Tony Heffernan | US 2022 | 10 min
An impromptu dinner date with a gregarious new acquaintance takes a dark turn.

I Don’t Ride My Bike Anymore
Gabriel Perez | US 2021 | 8 min
A teen goes on an unusual scavenger hunt to try to recover the missing pieces of his bicycle.

Haley Stemmons | US 2022 | 2 min
This starkly beautiful animation explores how it feels when you argue with someone you love.

The Queen’s Closet
Cameron Grace Ford, Ava Wolf & Joe Tourk | US 2021 | 8 min
In this short documentary, meet three inspiring drag icons based in San Francisco, and see them sparkle!

The Dilemma: Extra-Curricular Institutions in China
Huanshuo Wang | China 2022 | 15 min
Through extensive research and interviews, this documentary examines both the positive impact and the controversial nature of the massive extracurricular education industry in Shenzhen, China.

Stache Society
Olive Corine Read | US 2022 | 6 min
After an encounter with a mustachioed stranger, a young boy embarks on an investigation that leads him to a secret society with questionable motives.

Underwater Basket Weaving
Parker Bladow | US 2022 | 5 min
A team of underdogs finds itself in the deep end in this hilarious mockumentary about a high-stakes high school sports rivalry. And you thought water polo was hard!

Merry Go Round
Ella Fields | US 2022 | 14 min
Knowing that the clock is ticking, Pepper and June explore how love can exist within distance, memory, and a non-linear perception of time. From festival alum Ella Fields (Bubble Gum, MVFF42).

The White Rose
Ian Kim | US 2021 |3 min
The story of German students who resisted the Nazis by distributing incendiary leaflets is told through elegant stop-motion animation and the words of former resistance member George J. Wittenstein.

Harmony with Upstairs
Sunmin Yang | Republic of Korea 2021 | 14 min
Two teens living on separate floors of a boarding school dorm find an unexpected way to communicate and connect.

Midnight Smoker
Jeremy Gautama | Indonesia 2022 | 1 min
A late-night confrontation leads to a violent end in this quick but dramatic animation. A lot can happen in one minute!

Louis Hartmann | Germany 2022 | 2 min
Animation meets film noir in this clever crime caper—but what is that lurking in the dark alley?



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