This year, we are thrilled to be bringing in such a wide array of local, domestic and international Filmmakers to attend the Mill Valley Film Festival. We work very hard to give you, the viewer, the opportunity to discuss the film with the filmmaker during post-screening Q&A sessions, as well as the chance to show these filmmakers just how much our community loves cinema!  

Please note that guest attendance is subject to change.


12 YEARS A SLAVE  Director Steve McQueen; Actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong´o .
3020 LAGUNA STREET IN EXITUM (Short) Directors Joe Picard and Ashley Rodholm; Composer Harald Boyesen .
ADRIFT (Short) Director Simon Christen .
AL HELM: MARTIN LUTHER IN PALESTINE Director/Producer Connie Field; Editor Gregory Scharpen; Assistant Editor Sage Brucia .
ALICE WALKER: BEAUTY IN TRUTH Director Pratibha Parmar .
ALL IS LOST Director J.C. Chandor .
ALONG THE ROADSIDE Director Zoran Lisinac; Producer Vladimir Lisinac; Actors Iman Crosson, Daniel Grozdich and Gloria Nava; Editor Brett Sorem; Composer Cole Bonner .
AT MIDDLETON Director/Writer Adam Rodgers; Executive Producers Sonya Lunsford and Raul Pedraza; Producer/Writer Glenn German; Actors Andy Garcia and Vera Famiga .
AT THE BAR (Short) Director Jason Headley .
AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY Director John Wells .
AUGUST FOOLS Director Taru Makela; Cinematographer Jouko Seppala .
BEATRICE CORON'S DAILY BATTLES (Short) Director James Stewart .
BESIDE STILL WATERS Director Chris Lowell; Producer/Writer Mohit Narang; Producers Jason Potash, Paul Finkel and Steven Gorel; Actors Will Brill, Brett Dalton, Erin Darke, Ryan Eggold, Jessy Hodges and Britt Lower .
BIG JOY: THE ADVENTURES OF JAMES BROUGHTON Co-Directors Dawn Logsdon and Stephen Silha .
BLACK ANGEL (Short) Directors Roger Christian .
BLESSING IN DISGUISE (Short) Director Eric Kissack; Producer Lisa Rudin; Editor Libby Cuenin .
THE BOOK THIEF Director Bruce Percival; Producers Ken Blancato and Karen Rosenfelt; Actors Geoffrey Rush amd Sophie Nélisse; Fox 2000 President Elizabeth Gabler .
BREATHE IN Director Drake Doremus; Screenwriter Benjamin Jones .
CAPITAL Director Costa Gavras .
CHEBA Director Françoise Charpiat .
CHINA IN THREE WORDS (Short) Director Vanessa Hope; Producers Carlton Evans and Ted Hope .
COLLAPSE Director Rob Nilsson; Producers Michelle Anton Allen and Marshall Spight .
COMING HOME Short Director Chris Olness; Producer Mitch Waxman; Cinematographer Harris Charalambous .
CONTEST Director Anthony Giunta; Producers Howard Alter and Nick Andrus .
DECEMBER 25 (Short) Director Wendy Dent .
DESERT RUNNERS Director Jennifer Steinman; Producer Diana Iles Parker; Director of Photography Sevan Matossian .
DRONES IN MY BACKYARD (Short) Director Alan Snitow; Producer Deborah Kaufman .
ELAINE STRITCH: SHOOT ME Director Chiemi Karasawa .
EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY (Short) Director Julie Rubio; Producer Blake Wellen; Cinematographers Jack Niehaus and Elijah Stavena; Editor Alex Niel .
THE FACE OF LOVE  Director Arie Posin .
FACING FEAR (Short) Director Jason Cohen .
FAMILIES ARE FOREVER (Short) Director Vivian Kleiman .
FARAH GOES BANG Director Meera Menon; Producer Laura Goode .
FINDING HILLYWOOD Director Leah Warshawski; Production Assistant Kaitlyn Summerill .
GENERATION WAR Screenwriter Stefan Kolditz .
GHOST TOWN TO HAVANA Director Eugene Corr; Executive Producer Ruth Shapiro; Associate Producer Liza Corr; Editor Gary Weimberg; Film Subject Roscoe Bryant .
GREED (Short) Director Liam Hughes; Executive Producers James Hughes and Susan Hughes; Producer Katherine Yarbrough; Composer Chris Alexander .
GRISGRIS Director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun .
HANS (Short) Producer Harris Cohen; Videographer/Editor George Rosenfeld; Audio Technician Saul Rouda .
HI DE HO SHOW John Goddard .
THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT Directors Dana Nachman and Don Hardy; Executive Producer/Film Narrator Sean Penn; Producer Chelsea Matter .
THE ILLNESS AND THE ODYSSEY Director/Producer Berry Minott; Editor Jen Bradwell .
IN THE COBBLER'S SHOES Director David Marks; Executive Producer Rhoda Marks .
JOHN BROWN'S BODY AT SAN QUENTIN PRISON Director Joe DeFranceso; Producers Joan Saffa and Wendy Slick .
KEEP A TIDY SOUL (Short) Director Joshua Moore; Actor Claire McConnell .
KEEPER OF THE BEAT: A WOMAN'S JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF DRUMMING Producer/Director David L. Brown; Film Subject/Co-Producer Barbara Borden; Co-Producer Jane Kinzler; Co-Editor Steven Baigel .
KING OF NORWAY Director Sylvia Sether; Cinematographer VanNessa Manlunas  .
LAMBING SEASON (Short) Director Jeannie Donohoe .
LAST SENTENCE  Director Jan Troell .
LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH (Short) Director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee; Cinematographer Elias Koch; Editor Adam Lofton .
LION ARK  Producer Jan Creamer; Associate Producer Jorja Fox; Cinematographers Gene Blalock and Shannon Keith; Editor Tony Pattinson  .
LUMUMBA Actor Eriq Ebouaney .
MATT SHEPARD IS A FRIEND OF MINE Director Michele Josue; Executive Producer Linda Kam; Producer Liam McNiff .
THE MISSING SCARF (Short) Director Eoin Duffy .
THE MOTEL LIFE  Director Gabriel Polsky .
MY DEAR AMERICANS (Short) Director Arpita Kumar .
NAPLES YELLOW (Short) Director Tylor Norwood; Producer Shannon Norwood; Editor Seth Hahn .
NEBRASKA Actors Bruce Dern and Will Forte; Producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa; Composer Mark Orton .
THE NEW ENVIRONMENTALISTS: FROM CHOCAGO TO THE KAROO Directors/Producers John Antonelli, Tom Dusenberry and Will Parrinello; Editor Quinn Costelo .
ODD BRODSKY Director/Producer/Screenwriter Cindy Baer; Executive Producer Sharon Fox; Cinematographer/Screenwriter Matthew Irving; Actors John Alton, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Tegan Ashton Cohan, Scotty Dickert, Jim Hanks, Ilana Klusky and Elana Krausz .
OH BOY Director Jan Ole Gerster .
ONE CHANCE Director David Frankel .
ONE MAN'S SHOW Director Newton Aduaka; Producer Jean François Fernandez .
THE ORGANIC LIFE Director Casey Beck; Writers Sara Ataiiyan and Braden Marks; Editor Kevin D. Wong .
OWNERBUILT Director/Producer Lawrence Andrews; Assistant Producer Arngunnur Gylfadottir .
PICO Director John Sanborn; Producers Roger Jones and Skip Sweeney; Performers Joseph Copley and Margaret Cromwell .
THE PRETTY ONE Director Jenée LaMarque; Producers Steven J. Berger and Robin Schorr; Composer Julian Wass
REDEMPTION TRAIL Director Britta Sjogren; Actor Jake Weber; Editor Michael Goodier .
THE RETRIEVAL Director Chris Eska .
ROCKETSHIP (Short) Director Alfred Thomas Catalfo; Lead Actor Russell Doucet; Production Designer David Random
RUN & JUMP  Director Steph Green; Producer Tamara Anghie
SARAH PREFERS TO RUN Director Chloe Robichaud .
THE SEA Producer Luc Roeg .
THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY Actor/Director/Writer/Producer Ben Stiller; Producers Stuart Cornfeld and John Goldwyn; Writer Steve Conrad .
THE SHARK RIDDLE Directors Laura Sams and Robert Sams .
SHE COMES IN SPRING (Short) Director Antoneta Kastrati; Producer Casey Cooper Johnson; Cinematographer Sevdije Kastrati .
THE SLAUGHTER (Short) Writer/Director Jason B. Kohl; Producer Erica Gamgsei; Cinematographer Amanda Treyz .
SLOMO (Short) Director Josh Izenberg; Producer Amanda Micheli; Editor Traci Loth .
SOMEWHERE BETWEEN (Short) Director Jeremy Rall; Writer/Actor Heather Gray .
SPOOKS & SPIRITS Director Ágúst Guðmundsson .
STANDING ON SACRED GROUND Director Christopher McLeod; Producers Jessica Abbe and Jennifer Huang .
SWEET BLUES: A FILM ABOUT MIKE BLOOMFIELD Director/Producer Bob Sarles; Producers Christina Keating and Ted Leyhe .
SWEETWATER Director Logan Miller; Producer Noah Miller .
THE TAO OF BLUEGRASS: A PORTRAIT OF PETER ROWAN Director Christine Funk; Executive Producers Neil Harvey and Don Zimmer .
THIS AIN'T NO MOUSE MUSIC! Directors/Producers Maureen Gosling and Chris Simon; Film Subject Chris Strachwitz; Sound Recordist David Silberberg .
THE TROUBLE WITH BREAD (Short) Director Maggie Beidelman; Videographer Kate Elson; Camera Mitzi Mock; Composer Nick Benavides .
TOXIC HOT SEAT Directors Jamie Redford and Kirby Walker; Line Producer Brook Holston; Editor Jen Bradwell .
A TRUNCATED STORY OF INFINITY (Short)  Director Paul Trillo .
UNFAIR GAME: THE POLITICS OF POACHING Director/Producer John Antonelli; Director of Photography Barry Scheinberg; Editor Eli Olson .
UPAJ: IMPROVISE Director Hoku Uchiyama; Producer Antara Bhardwaj; Consulting Producer Rachna Nivas .
VICTORIA Producer Pancho Kohner .
THE VISITOR (Short) Director George deChev; Producer Erik Thijssen .
WANDERLUST (Short) Director Laurence Christen .
WHITE SHOE (Short) Director Mauro Borrelli; Producer Matteo Sapio .
WINTER SHOWER (Short) Director Kyoungju Kim .
WORKERS Actor Chuy Padilla .
THE YEAR AND THE VINYARD Director Jonathan Cenzual Burley .
YUKON KINGS Director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee; Cinematographer Elias Koch; Editor Adam Loften .
ZAYTOUN Producer Fred Ritzenberg .