Create memorable experiences for filmmakers and staff from all over the world.

Form lasting personal connections.

Add value to the lives of others.

Your generous donation of spare rooms and vacation rentals throughout Marin County will afford our visiting filmmakers and staff the opportunity to experience the festival from the unique perspective only you can provide.  Your hospitality enables over 200 guests to attend each year, which in turn benefits the community by empowering us to stage an event of the highest caliber.  Our past hosts have enjoyed an extremely positive, enriching experience, and many return year after year.

Most filmmakers will stay between 3-5 nights during the festival, October 6-16, 2016.  We are also looking for extended housing for staff, August through October 2016.

If you’d like to participate, please CLICK HERE to complete the Filmmaker Host Form & we’ll contact you promptly.


Bettina Hughes
Catherine Rodden
Cathy Fox
Collin Breakstone
Debbie Kessler
Ellen Seebold
Fredde Foster
Gary Topper & Tom Herington
Hank Wendt
Jackie Hoffner
Jennifer Kern


Joel and Jane Rosenberg
Judith Hanks
Katy Kuhn
Libby Ginsberg
Linnea OBrien
Matt Biondo
Mikael Hansen
Mimi Chen
Nancy Abodeely
Patty Carlson

Rick Hirsch & Pam Sturges
Ronna Perelson
Sarah Rusby
Sophia Revelli
Stuart Wong
Susan Keel
Susan Hirsch
Tal Zamir
Tricia Tanoury
Yael Irom