MVFF Exclusive Offer: THX Onyx takes audio on small devices to the next level.

As we continue to offer a large portion of Mill Valley Film Festival titles online, THX wanted to lend MVFF attendees their expertise–built up over nearly 40 years of cinema excellence–on how to get the best audio experience at home, especially if they’re watching on a mobile device.
Since laptops, smartphones, and tablets have small speakers directed at various angles, MVFF fans should first grab a quality pair of headphones when streaming on mobile devices. It’ll help isolate you from the surrounding noise and give you a better listening experience, especially if the headphones are THX® Certified.

To maximize audio quality from your small devices, THX recommends a wired pair of headphones combined with a THX Onyx™–their new digital-to-analog converter and headphone amplifier (DAC/Amp) that will wow you with the purest possible audio so you can hear your entertainment as the creators intended.

THX Onyx gives your headphones a boost in power and stunningly clear audio performance. With THX Onyx, you hear every detail in the film’s dialogue, music, and soundscape. After your movie ends, THX Onyx gives your music the same superb sound quality and detail from streaming services like Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, and Amazon Music HD. Wondering what exactly a DAC/Amp is? Read more here.

If you’re looking to get the most out of the Mill Valley Film Festival, and all your music, THX is offering a 20% off discount on the THX Onyx. Use the code MVFF21 at checkout.

As a special bonus, MVFF attendees can also get a free 3-month subscription to hi-res streaming service Qobuz to elevate their personal music listening and experience all THX Onyx has to offer.

For more tips on how to get the best streaming quality possible, head over to the THX website, where the company has even more tips and tricks that’ll help up-level living room experiences. And for those viewing on Roku and Apple TVs, check out the classic THX Certified speakers and home theater equipment, like the newly released THX Certified Monolith subwoofers.


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