We’re getting a lot of questions about the individual films in the trailer, so we’ve decided to turn this into a contest among our patrons and film enthusiasts.

We are announcing contest for those who can identify the most MVFF42 films in our trailer. The prize is a pair of passes that are good to use at the Smith Rafael Film Center year ’round. There will be up to 3 winners.

The rules are simple:

(1) Using the subject TRAILER CONTEST, e-mail to [email protected] a list of films that you recognize in the trailer. The list doesn’t have to be in the exact order in which they appear in the trailer; just list each complete title you can indentify.

(2) If you list more than 3 incorrect titles, your entry is DISQUALIFIED. This is to prevent entrants just listing any random title to improve their chances.

(3) The deadline to submit your entry is 5pm PST on Wednesday 10/16. No submissions will be considered after that time. We will be posting the entire list of titles (in sequence) sometime later that week and will notify the winners by Friday 18 October.

(4) Festival staff are not eligible to participate, though members of our MVFF volunteer staff definitely ARE.

So check out the MVFF trailer above, good luck and thank you so much for supporting the festival!


Congratulations to the 3 winners of our MVFF42 trailer contest, and thank you to everyone who participated.  All 3 winners guessed over 40 correct titles (out of a possible 51).

Below is the complete list of film titles in sequence:

1. The Lighthouse
2. Ondög
3. You’re Still Here (short, POMEGRANATE SEEDS)
4. Backpedal (short, [email protected] JUST IN TIME TO SEE THE SUN)
5. Song Without a Name
6. Subira
7. The Butcher (short, [email protected] DAUGHTER OF THE NIGHT)
8. Pain and Glory
9. Ford v Ferrari
10. A Hidden Life
11. Ema
12. Motherless Brooklyn
13. Song Without a Name
14. The Aeronauts
15. Remi, Nobody’s Boy
16. The Two Popes
17. Motherless Brooklyn
18. Frankie
19. Song Without a Name
20. How to be Alone (short, [email protected] NIGHT HUNTING TIME)
21. Ema
22. The Irishman
23. Harriet
24. Prittyboi (short, [email protected] SMOOTH)
25. The Aeronauts
26. Dolemite is My Name
27. The Conductor
28. Ford v. Ferrari
29. The Conductor
30. Aurora
31. Charon (short, [email protected] STONE FLOWER)
32. In Full Bloom (short, [email protected] JUST IN TIME TO SEE THE SUN)
33. Bacurau
34. The Report
35. Dolemite is My Name
36. Remi, Nobody’s Boy
37. Cherry Blossom and Demons
38. Harriet
39. The Conductor
40. Dolemite is My Name
41. The Good Mother (short, ¡VIVA LOS NIÑOS!)
42. Mahalia Melts in the Rain (short, FRESH & FEARLESS)
43. And Then We Danced
44. Animals
45. Bacurau
46. The Irishman
47. The Two Popes
48. Counter Mapping (short before feature)
49. A Hidden Life
50. The Irishman
51. The Aeronauts
52. Varda by Agnes
53. The Good Mother
54. The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão
55. Pain and Glory
56. A Hidden Life
57. Marriage Story
58. Knives Out
59. Hard Shadow (short, POMEGRANATE SEEDS – the only title nobody successfully guessed)
60. Dolemite is My Name
61. Storm (short, [email protected] DAUGHTER OF THE NIGHT)
62. Varda by Agnes
63. De Lo Mio
64. A First Farewell
65. The Irishman
66. Knives Out
67. Subira
68. The Irishman
69. Jojo Rabbit
70. Parasite
71. Knives Out
72. Ford v Ferrari
73. Jojo Rabbit
74. Bacurau
75. A Hidden Life
76. Parasite
77. Marriage Story
78. My Friend Fela
79. Pain and Glory
80. Ema
81. Knives Out
82. Remi, Nobody’s Boy
83. The Lighthouse
84. Jojo Rabbit
85. The Irishman
86. Ford v Ferrari
87. Zog (short, AS THE WORLD TOONS)
88. The Conductor
89. The Lighthouse
90. The Irishman
91. The Little Land of Mines
92. Parasite
93. Selma After the Rain (short, [email protected] SMOOTH)
94. Harriet
95. Guilty (short, [email protected] NIGHT HUNTING TIME)
96. The Basket (short, FRESH & FEARLESS)
97. Motherless Brooklyn
98. You’re Still Here
99. The New Environmentalists: From Liberia to Mongolia (short before feature)
100. The Conductor
101. 3 Feet (short, ¡VIVA LOS NIÑOS!)
102. A Hidden Life
103. Remi, Nobody’s Boy
104. Aurora
105. The Aeronauts
106. Knives Out
107. Ford v Ferrari

Thank again to The Understory for such a fantastic assembly, and thanks to everyone who made MVFF42 one of the biggest in our history.